Dear Me,

I’ve got a bit of advice for the coming years kid, please at least consider these words throughout your life, believe me it’ll come in handy when you least expect it to.

I’ll start it off on the subject of Love & relationships. I know you have a high tolerance for ignorance and stupidity in people cause your not necessarily looking for anything from any one, but I’ll tell you this, you truly can become who your with. There are three types of people in this place: Those who Love, those who hate, & those who are stuck in between the two like us. Only let Love In your life, don’t waist your time with hate, it’s a useless emotion. If you need a gage, use the eyes & your gut, follow nothing else, peoples opinions on the subject are meaningless, everyone’s experience is different, trust that the eyes will always give away deception.

On the subject Of Pleasure,  God I know you like to have fun, follow that joy till your overdose on it, just know that the less you have of anything the more enjoyable it will be when you finally get around to savoring  it. Sinatra had it right when he said ‘Wrap your troubles in dreams & dream your troubles away’, listen to his music, that guy understood the beauty this place has to offer.

As far as conflict goes your going to see more conflict than most people,  mostly cause you question everything in life, don’t ever change that, just know when conflict arises, your Love is your Gun Kid. Nothing murders hatred quicker than Joy. Your genuine laughter & understanding that nothing in life matters more than Good People, Love,  & following your joy will kill any evil obstacle in your path. Believe me Karma exists, fighting & seeking vengeance is futile, don’t bother. When someone who hates you, sees your clean spirit full of joy & laughter, you’ve already defeated that obstacle. Your joy will annihilate all haters with envy, cause it doesn’t matter how much money, power or stuff you have in life, joy is the ultimate goal for most humans.

Ah, yes, procrastination is one of your biggest issues in life Kid, do Me a favor, when you think it, do it. I know you like to envision everything in your mind as completed and this process makes you bored at the thought of actually finishing anything. I’ll tell you now when I look back, I see nothing but what’s been done. Life is composed of journeys & accomplishments, dream but then you need to Manifest immediately, what are you waiting for?

Last but not least I’m gonna inform you that your most satisfying endeavors in life consist of using your fear as conquering weapon of obstacles. If you fear it, run towards it like a train kid, life is short, and if humans have multiple lives the best way to assure you will evolve your soul efficiently in every lifetime is follow your fears and conquer them like obstacles between your soul & the next plateau after Earth.   I Love You, stop being such a prude about sex too, you may dismiss your husband one day by being too careful.



1-You have come far since your role in Girlfight? Could you have envisoned this back in 2000?

2- What impact did it have for you growing up with a father in the military and mother in a Jehovah witness, both very disciplined arts. Advantages-disavantages?

3-You moved around a lot. How did you keep your head through these times? Does it kind of mirror the life of an actor?

5-What was your favorite filming experience?

6-You play Ana Lucia Cortez in Lost. How was the experience? Also what do you like better, film or television

8- You have a lot of supporting roles but get great parts, why is that?

9- You did the film about the trijillo govt in Tropico de sangre. How close to the heart was that project?

10-The question of how far women have come in the entertainment industry is presented to you. Is it better-or not. What needs to be done to improve.

11- What is next for Michelle Rodriguez?

1.) I’m exactly where I want to be, and I feel to say with all the ups and downs to getting anywhere in life I would be lying if I said I knew ten years ago this would be My place in Life today. All i’ve ever known is I,m capable of storytelling and I knew I would pick up screen writing along the way, which is what I’m doing now.

2.) My upbringing was beautiful, My father did joining the Military And Mother was a Jehova’s witness along with her siblings but lets not let the mind drive one to think that my mother and father were defined by these aspects of their lives cause that would be far from the truth. I was way too young to even acknowledge what the military was growing up in Texas let along to see anything different in my father other than a green Army suit he wore coming home. As for my mother and the Charle’s T Russel Invention on the Jehova’s witness; My mother was a happy spirit always singing, and making homemade play-doe for me, kites for my brothers to fly, she barely ever enforced religious Law in the Home, My Grandmother was more of the influence of Religion in my Family, and believe me no one messes with Grandma. My uncle is preacher man as well, learned a lot about christianity, bible history, and I left it’s influence as a teenager around 14.

3.) Lets see I got my first passport at 7, pretty cool, the age when you have completely disguarded every single cell in the body generated by your mother. If you know about the 7 year cellular rejuvenation cycle of humans, it can almost be profound symbol to receive your first passport to the world at the age of 7. I’m happy living the students gypsy journey through life it’s stimulating enough to keep me interested in the world.

5.) My favorite experience was in Girlfight & Avatar, Girlfight I trained for 6 months ten years ago to box and gained 25 pounds of muscle in an experience of New york independent film making that I’lll never forget. For the true passion behind the story, the little money we had was proof that the people involved were involved because they really believed in the story and the meaning behind it’s political undertone. Avatar because I learned so much from Jim Cameron, a man with amazing knowledge of Science technology, physics, marine biology, really cool experience to pick his brain everyday.

6.) Lost was fun because i was living by the beach mother nature was a my doorstep every morning in Hawaii. I prefer film because with tv although you are in an amazing paradise like Hawaii, I have the Gypsy Itch that screams at my Soul every 6 months and I Need to travel & find new adventure, Movie make this process easier because every 4 months you move on. In television this process can be disrupted by an 8 month shooting schedule.

8.) Thank You, You get in Return the energy you give, so I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to express Strength & Will Power, soon that strength will evolve from a masculine energy into a very Balanced feminine Energy Hopefully Hollywood is Receptive to this Archetypical Character that has yet to be exploited as a main character in Commercial Hollywood films.

9.) I did work on a film project in Dominican Republic about Trujillo & the Mirabal Family, the Project was very close to my heart, I’m really Sad that the Production I worked on was so Amateur, because the story is compelling , truly profound about not only the liberation of women & Suppressed people in the Dominican Republic like my Mother & Grandmother were living there in the 40′s 50′s & 60′s but also the liberation of the intellectuals in the country. I can’t wait for the foundations of a film industry to be laid down in dominican republic because that place is beautiful and the youth is vibrant and ready to evolve and create an industry that can very possibly thrive if it’s driven properly. God Knows there is a lot of Talent coming from that Island it’s time to show the rest of the world what Kind of Heart comes from this little island Dominican Republic. Jared Diamond recently wrote an amazing book about it, comparing it to Haiti.

10.) All I have to say about that is it’s every woman’s responsibility once a person cares about social justice, it becomes I believe a woman’s journey to be mindful of good talented women and open, hold hands with, and partner with as many women as you possibly can, because only by women expressing themselves, to themselves, in unison being received by a male & female audience for Talent is the only way I see a possibility of balance in western society as a worldwide example in Media within the Hollywood industry. It’s not about Latino, Black, White, Girl or Boy, I feel the industry is truly about Life, Love, The Pursuit of Happiness in an Art-form that imitates life itself.

11.) Lets see I will DJ In Rio De Janairo For New Years, Visit Hawaii for a couple of Days, hit London for a mini DJ set during Fashion Week, come back to LA Writing a screenplay the Whole Time, end of January I’ll Shoot Out to Russia DJ a Nice set At a Film Festival In Moscow and Head to Austin to Shoot a Movie Called ‘The Home’, About a Nursing Home For the elderly that is Haunted. I play a Nurse with a child in the Film. After All That, During all That, I have absolutely No Clue what will Happen, Just Hoping for a Peaceful Journey through all the Chaos.


Day 2 at Sea aboard the Sea Shepherd

The Crew Members come from all over the world. Some are Belgian, French, South African, French-Canadian, Australian, & American.  As soon as we left Port in Perth to make our way over to Hobart, I decided to get cracking on the workload  & chip in. I ended up with Bastian in the rope locker at the head of the ship under the deck.  Our job was to store this arm thick heavy rope into easy access coils. There’s not a lot of oxygen in the rope locker, its pretty warm and shifty always moving from side to side. After about the fifth rope I was dripping wet with sweat, breathing heavy looking for oxygen, pretty sea sick, and respectful to what these volunteers are willing to do for the next three months free of charge in the name of our future & the preservation of oceanic life.

I got to watch the sunset later on at the head of the ship, one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever encountered. Atop the sea shepherd’s nose I felt the freedom of flight.  I could stare at the Horizon as the rough seas launch the ships nose several feet into the air just to cut right back into the sea upon its fall. I wasn’t alone; about three crewmembers came up from dinner in the ships Galley just to appreciate the sunset and the horizons natural beauty.

We were able to see about three whales breach the surface of the ocean yesterday. Sadly enough, that was the first time I’ve ever witnessed real whales in person, well in any other place than in captivity at Sea World. The French girl I was with began talking to me about the whale’s sleeping habits; how they never stop swimming, use half of their brain like dolphins to fall into a semi-conscious sleep, & how that’s why a lot of whales back in the US & around the world get killed by Cargo ships in Transit. I couldn’t help but to think to myself how lonely this crew must feel being part of such a small number of people that care about our planets future and are willing to put their life’s sweat into it’s preservation.

I sometimes can feel so proud to be part of a human species with such a massive ability to Love, Feel empathy and use these amazing, innovative, technological tools created by man, to nurture, care for, & attempt a maintenance of balance of this incredibly unique diverse & magical planet we have yet so much to learn from.

It amazes me that people can choose when to act like, I don’t want to say animals, because instinctively animals follow a balanced system of migration & sustainable consumption habits when their environment isn’t invaded by inconsiderate Humans of course, but I want say it amazes me that people can choose when to be intelligent and when to be ignorant, especially on the subject of resources & sustainability. It feels to me as if many ships have set sail, with various diverse and conflicting flags of ranging from flag representing dogmatic belief systems that seem to eradicate any sense of reason, research, or questioning capabilities in a human once on board to those that take a more holistic, ever evolving, & all encompassing approach to life at sea….



I’ve been hiding out cause I guess i’ve been feeling highly pro active lately. Its kind of a strange sum up of life that happens for me every decade so far 3, where I look at my life, what I stand for as a person on this planet, and what I plan to do with the rest of my time here. Within this massive process of analyzing my life and looking at the minuscule impact I have had in the world compared to the massive impact I envisioned as a child, I ran across a really intriguing article about Feminism, generation gaps, and woman overall in todays American society. Susan Faludi took a peek at the feminist movement with all its generational conflict, historical complexity, and she analyzed pretty much the public feminist movement from the 20′s to our current contemporary times. Certain things in this awesome article really caught my attention for instance: commentary from a young feminist woman (Judith”Jack” Halberstam) talking at the new school about the future of feminism saying things like the following to the older generation feminist  “For people of on generation to be complaining about the next generation not reading them, Give it up!, If You’re not relevant anymore you’re not relevant. Move on”. What does Judith or Jack believe the future of the feminist movement will look like; “What one wants to inspire is new work that one barely recognizes as feminism, what i’m going to call Gaga Feminism”  she literally pulled out a powerpoint presentation with exerts from  Lady Gaga’s video Telephone featuring Beyonce, as she stood giving her presentation at the New School in New York &  she claimed that she believes the future of feminism will look something like what this ‘Telephone’ video inspires. Judith says:” Instead of becoming women, we should be unbecoming women- that category itself seems vexed and problematic’. When the writer of the article sees Judith later Susan Faludi told her she didn’t understand how the future of feminism could be the Lady Gaga Telephone video. Judith said: ” Adapt or Die!” to a 50 something year old writer, Susan Faludi.  followed by her hermaphroditic explanation of the Lady Gaga video and how it dealt with rumors of Lady Gaga’s Questionable sexuality. Judith says, ” She didn’t deny them. She played with them. You have this great moment where the prison guards take off her clothes and say, too bad she doesn’t have a Dick…” I’m thinking this gender studies professor at University of Southern California Judith ‘JACK” Halberstam must have a valid point somewhere about the all encompassing symbolism embodied by powerful pop culture idols such as Gaga, but After writing a book called ‘Female Masculinity’ about hybridized genders, and as Susan describes Judith’s preference for men’s suites and crew cuts my observation leads me to believe Judith may be projecting a bit with her opinion about the future of feminism. Im a true believer in finding ones alchemical balance between masculinity and femininity, I will never mock anyones process in getting to that place if he or she even chose to,  but seriously it’s not cool to speak about  in a condescending fashion,or to belittle the women who paved the way for women like Judith ‘Jack” to be able to have a crew cut, a suit and walk the city streets without getting beaten to a pulp like years ago or still today in towns and counties in America.

The feminist of the 60′s marched with humans rights activist, and the feminists of the era also marched along with the black panthers during the civil rights movement. I don’t believe in death, I believe in transformation, so when someone like Judith comes out & says to the feminist of today that the aging feminist/activist are no longer relevant, it sounds absurd to me. If anything women should absorb the lessons from the past, adapt all the social network technology, media pop culture influence and unite with the aging generation to make change. The answer is definitely not figuratively killing our mothers for not understanding what one believes the future to be. More unity less fighting I say. Besides who really thinks we could solve  the worlds feminist issues with pop icon idolatry, a bit naive don’t you think, I mean it’s an element of the answer not the answer itself. Unless of course you attach pop culture to activism proactively in a business like Live 8, a massive fundraiser with powerful women, like Gaga, Madonna, Oprah, & Angelina backing a noble functional cause like Micro Financing in third world countries created by Mohamed Yunus, promoted & restructured by the 7 Bar foundation. Unless such is the case, I truly don’t see how hot sexy cool videos help women in Africa who don’t even have a tv from getting their private parts mutilated in a tribal ritual at fifteen years of age, or how an awesome female empowerment movie will stop a House wife in India from having acid thrown on her face cause her husband doesn’t want her anymore, Or how An Amazing  concert with no charity or NGO’s ( Non Government Organization) attached will save women in the middle east who are beaten for sneaking off to school for an education & driving a car. How can those videos take part in a movement to save any of the women worldwide oppressed by their own primitive culture, because the evolution from this horrible climate is what I believe feminism to be….



Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I was walking in New York today with my head in the clouds, I was in awe, the architecture in New York is Amazing. All the alchemical symbolism on the concrete borders of the buildings in the business district near wall street. I’ve always been a lover of the organic, I was mostly impressed by trees, stars, and Animals, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to almost force myself to find the beauty in man made things, not just for what they can do for me like a car drives fast, or a plane gets me from point A to Point B, but I’ve begun to notice the esthetic beauty in the design of things. I’ve come to a realization that this art form is in grave danger due to the idea built by capitalist big business that ‘Quantity is better for business than Quality’. It’s the Ideal behind most of the petroleum/gas companies, fast food chains, & strip mall phenomena.

When I walk in New York and I look at the buildings and Parks, Im in Owe because design is modernism & alchemy speaking to you with its symbolism. The bundles of hey stacked neatly with a ribbon, a symbol thats very familiar in all the court houses and capitol hill government buildings. The gargoyles protecting the churches, the female and male torsos hard at work on some of the window boarders of various buildings. That 1950s metallic lining, the marble entrances, the brass railings, the amazing statues & obelisk in the central park area, thats all rooted in Mythology, religion, & sometimes just artistic appreciation for the fact that the artist’s architectural creation was surrounded at the time by Nature the ultimate creator, inspiring the architects, designers, masons & artist to be Grand.

I guess what I think I’m saying is I hope that an Anarchical capitalistic revolution happens soon, because every time I leave an amazing city like new York and take a long drive somewhere like from Los Angeles to Vegas, Louisiana to Austin my view of Nature’s beauty and inspiration is obstructed by what I consider to be ugly square fast food logos and gas station Logos and strip mall Icons and concrete buildings with no innovation or attempt at esthetic beauty. I hope that these corporations consider their artistic responsibility to inspire with beautiful architecture when they take up space, because I think it will help heal societies humor and sense of worth to know that people put thought care and love into their work even if it’s a MC Donald’s or Shell Gas Station. I believe the lack of beauty in the environment can create depression god knows America has enough of that energy to deal with. I believe it would help America Smile more if the corporations that buy up millions of acres of land provide america’s citizens with product should consider revamping their appearance. Hire local artists to individualize and give the corporation buildings an attractive inviting beauty, wether it’s making the building green friendly, or adding a beautiful fountain to the front, whatever the case I do hope it happens.

It’s interesting cause when I drive in Europe its easy for me to see that Im in France or Italy, It’s mostly due to the long indivual civilized history each country in the EU but I feel that it all comes down to attention to detail. When I’m home and I take long drives I have a hard time telling Northern Luisiana apart from Georgia, Arizona from parts of Nevada, all I see is Mc Donald’s Signs, walmart signs, shell Gas station exxon signs and every now and then off the High way after thirty Strip malls I see a mom & pop liquor store….


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